They say if you haven't gotten your knees dirty, you're not doing it right. But then again, that gets misinterpreted.

From motorcycling to see Maoist rebels in foggy Nepal, to crossing checkpoints to Tamil Tiger territory in Sri Lanka, to the reality tv craze that swept Iraq, some of the dirty-kneed TV features I shot, wrote, produced and edited for VOA Television, between 2003 and 2006.

(Actually, I started getting my knees dirty for years before that, in Indonesia, Cambodia and other spots;  these are just the more recent stories. )


Iraq - May/ June 2005 and September 2004

Tsunami and Tsunami Anniversary Stories - 2004/2005


India - 20th Anniversary of Bhopal Disaster  - December 2004

Bhopal story was a joint shoot with ABC-Aus

Tibet in Exile - Dharamsala, India


India - a few stories

Toilets; HIV/AIDS and long-distance truckers; plus Indian working poor hoodwinked to go to Iraq, and more.

Sri Lanka Refugee Family Life

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers Split - May 2005

Joint-shoot with ABC-Aus.

Iranian Parliamentary Election - 2004

Nepal - Monarchy vs Maoist Rebels